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Health and Safety in the Workplace – Employers Responsibilities

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Health and Safety in the Workplace – Employers Responsibilities

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Employers have responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of their employees. In additional to these duties, there are regulations put in place to deal with particular hazards. Employers must effectively control any risks to health that could arise in the workplace.

Here are the 4 main areas of responsibility that employers have for employees: 

Employer Responsibilities at Work: 

1. Adequate Welfare Provisions 

Employers need to ensure all staff have access to the necessary facilities to take care of personal needs, including having breaks and staying hydrated. Examples of this are providing staff a place to rest and eat, stay hydrated and accessible toilet facilities. This also includes the supply of first aid kits. 

2. A Safe Working Environment 

Although this is slightly obvious, a safe working environment can mean different things for different industries – it will therefore depend on the job role itself. This includes both individuals mental and physical wellbeing. 

3. Supply with Relevant Information, Instruction and Supervision 

Health and Safety information should be readily available to all staff members, this could be in the form of leaflets on notice boards, or through digital shared files. 

4. Appropriately Trained 

All staff should have the necessary training in order to carry out their job safely, which is unique to all job roles and companies. Some employers may choose to hire individuals who already have industry-standard certifications. 


This is not an extensive list, so for more information please consult the HSE Government booklet here. Employers should also carry out continuous risk assessments to address any risks that may cause staff harm in the workplace. If you have been caused injury by your employer and need advice, contact our expert solicitors now. 



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