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Mukhtiar Ubhi


As an Advocate, Mukhtiar has conducted jury trials in cases of Armed Robbery, Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs, Section 18 and many other offences.

Mukhtiar was lead advocate in the case of R v Mills at the Wolverhampton Crown Court in 2013 before a High Court Judge, that was a case of violent disorder where a fatal stabbing occurred. It was a ten week trial with 8 defendants.

More recently, Mukhtiar was first on the indictment in a multi-handed Blackmail/Kidnap and Weapons case where my client, after a two-week trial was the only one to be found Not Guilty of all counts.

Mukhtiar has conducted multi-handed fraud trials and Conspiracy trials. Mukhtiar has undertaken and won acquittals in the Crown court on matters of Conspiracy to Rob; Conspiracy to commit Burglary and Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs as well as Section 18 matters.

Mukhtiar conducted two 6 week back to back trials before HHJ Nawaz which involved 13 defendants who were charged with Conspiracy to commit immigration offences. His client was the only one to be acquitted of all charges.

When things go wrong at the Crown Court, Mukhtiar has no hesitation to take matters to the Court of Appeal; Mukhtiar was commended in a judgment by Mr. Justice Sweeny for his succinct and eloquent submissions in the reported case of R v Whyte (2017) EWCA Crim 1311, which was heard at Royal Courts of Justice.

Mukhtiar has appeared in many Crown Courts from Manchester through to the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)