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The New Driving Laws Coming into Force in 2019

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The New Driving Laws Coming into Force in 2019

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There are various new Driving Laws coming into force this year, which you should be aware of. These could impact your driving experience, and how you deal with other drivers on the roads. Familiarising yourself with these new laws in advance will ensure that you don’t get caught out.

New 2019 Driving Laws:

Learner Drivers on Motorways

This year, learner drivers will be given the option to drive on the motorway as part of their lessons, when accompanied by an instructor who will have dual controls in the car.

Overtaking Cyclists

As of March 2019, you will be fined £100 and given 3 points on your driving license if you do not give at least 1.5 metres distance when overtaking a cyclist.

New Drivers Restrictions

The government will be trialling a pilot scheme in Northern Ireland for new licenses, adding more restrictions, which could then be rolled out in the UK. These could include: P plates mandatory for up to 2 years of passing the driving test, lower alcohol limits, lower speed limits, curfews and engine size restriction.

MOT Rule Changes

There will be new checks taken out on cars, including brake pad warning lights and missing brake pads. The defect categorisation on cars will feature various changes, including:

  • Pass – meets the legal standards
  • Advisory – could cause an effect in the future
  • Minor – should be repaired as soon as possible but does not have an effect on safety
  • Major – Fails MOT as it effects safety or the environment
  • Dangerous – Fails MOT as it has a direct risk to road safety or the environment

Motorway Lane Fines

Currently, lanes that show a red ‘X’ are closed due to an accident or blockage. Motorists who ignore these signs can be subject to a fine of £100. This is still being considered by the government, but it is always helpful to be aware of it.


It is vital that all drivers stay up to date with changes to the motoring laws, to avoid loss of license, penalty points and fines. If you require legal advice on a motoring offence, get in touch with our solicitors today.

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