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Corporate Manslaughter – Are Directors Liable?

Since The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act in 2007, it is easier for organisations to be convicted of workplace deaths. But can directors be held accountable for Corporate Manslaughter? Read below for more information.  Corporate Manslaughter  Corporate Manslaughter is when the offence is committed by the company or organisation itself, and it is considered a “gross” breach of a duty of care.  This includes if its activities are managed or organised:  Causes someone’s death  Amounts to a gross breach of duty of care from the organisation to the deceased  An organisation will be guilty of corporate manslaughter if its activities - and how...

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Ways to Protect Your Business from Fraud

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Assessing risks that could threaten your business is a vital part of running your company, however many people overlook online fraud as a threat.  However, cybercriminals look for vulnerable victims everywhere - in both small and large sized businesses.  Below, we look at 5 actionable ways that your business can remain strong against online fraud.  How Do I Protect My Business From Online Fraud?  1. Conduct a Security Audit  One of the main ways that businesses struggle with online fraud is not knowing where to start, which is why a Security Audit is so helpful. This enables security experts to determine where the weak points...

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Importance of A Will for A Business Owner

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Although many of us don’t like to think about it, leaving your business due to death is unavoidable. Therefore, having a solid will in place reduces the risk of losing everything that you have worked hard for. Having a will and plan in place means that you can be assured that your assets will be covered in a way that you wish, and also prevent them from being allocated in courts of law. What is a Business Will?  A will is an agreement that takes the form of a buy and sell option, ensuring a smooth transition of business ownership, in the...

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Health and Safety in the Workplace – Employers Responsibilities

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Employers have responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of their employees. In additional to these duties, there are regulations put in place to deal with particular hazards. Employers must effectively control any risks to health that could arise in the workplace. Here are the 4 main areas of responsibility that employers have for employees:  Employer Responsibilities at Work:  1. Adequate Welfare Provisions  Employers need to ensure all staff have access to the necessary facilities to take care of personal needs, including having breaks and staying hydrated. Examples of this are providing staff a place to rest and eat, stay hydrated and accessible toilet...

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Understanding Corporate Manslaughter

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A breach of health and safety rules in a business can have tragic consequences, which may lead to death. This is a criminal offence in English law, and organisations can be convicted for such criminal offences similar to a natural person. What is Corporate Manslaughter? Corporate Manslaughter is when a businesses actions lead to the death of an individual. This applies to both limited companies and some public bodies - such as local authorities and the NHS. For this to be a chargeable offense, the individual in question must both be responsible for the person's death and have committed a gross...

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