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Managing Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Father and back of son playing in lounge

With Schools closed throughout the country, and social distancing being enforced, a common question is how to best manage co-parenting during the Coronavirus outbreak and current lockdown. Read below for our tips and information. Co-Parenting Rules  Where child arrangements are already in place - regulating where children live and who they spend time with - these orders remain in effect, as do the consequences for breaching them.  The court’s primary concern with regards to living conditions is the welfare for the child, and this should be taken into consideration when it comes to arrangements.  A combined approach between both parents is needed, to ensure...

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What is ‘No Fault’ Divorce?

Solicitor stamping document with man and lady sat opposite

Many professionals think that the divorce law is currently out of date, and The Law Society are taking this into consideration by plans to reform the divorce process, and remove the concept of fault.  Read below for more information on ‘No-Fault’ Divorce.  Current Divorce Procedures  Currently, the divorce system in England and Wales requires one spouse to initiate the process of filing for divorce, which requires them to make an accusation about the other spouses conduct.  You can currently choose from three reasons:  Adultery  Unreasonable Behaviour  Dissertation  It also requires evidence of guilt to be presented, and if the individual is unable to do this,...

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A Guide to Legal Aid for Family Matters

Gavell in brown with book

There are some common misconceptions about the availability of legal aid for family matters, meaning that those that need help to often not seek it out - as they think they are not eligible for it. Legal aid is money to pay a solicitor to represent you, paid by the Legal Aid Agency. Although this may not cover all fees, it can help to assist with advice, negotiations, mediation and even court representation.  Below, we explore the common questions around legal aid for family matters.  What Matters Can I Get Legal Aid For?  There are some common family matters for which legal aid is...

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What Is Retirement Fraud, and How Can I Prevent It? 

Older person typing on laptop

Fraud is a rising problem in the UK, and pension scams can sometimes be hard to spot. Scammers can be personable and financially knowledgeable, and even have credible websites - making them harder to spot. How Do Pension Scams Work?  Scammers will contact people via phone, email or text, or may advertise online in small ads. They design attractive offers to entice users, usually with high interest rates or unachievable returns on investment. This money that is stolen may then be:  Invested in high-risk investments overseas  Invested in conventional products but with complex structures  Simply stolen and the scammer disappears  How Do I...

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The Importance of a Cohabitation Agreement

Handing over house keys to another persons hand

Couples thinking of moving in together often don’t think about what would happen with the house if they were to break up, however it is something that they should consider. Whilst married couples enjoy protection if the relationship ends, these rights do not apply to couples cohabiting. Cohabitation is the fastest-growing ‘family type’ in the UK, increasing to 3.3. Million in the last year. When a cohabiting couple break up, the ownership of their home is likely to take up a large amount of dispute. This is because both parties claim that they have a share in the property, contributing financially...

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The Importance of a Will for Unmarried Couples

Man with pen against law document

In order to ensure that your estate passes in lines with your wishes once you die, it is recommended that everyone has a valid Will. This is also vital for unmarried couples, who wish to provide for their partner and their children in the event of death. Under intestacy rules, if marriage has not been taken out then the surviving partner or children would not be provided for, which could lead to stress and serious financial issues. This also applies to the send-off of their loved ones, as without being appointed as an Executor, the surviving partner will have no say...

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