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A recent survey has showed that over 75% of adults in the UK are without a will.


Will Drafting Service


The most common reason for this is that we believe it will pass to our spouse/partner or children automatically. Unfortunately this is not always the case. If you haven’t done so already, make a will. This will allow your assets (your home, jewellery, etc) to be passed on to the people you want, in the way you want.


If you were to die without making a will, your wealth could go to the person you least want to have it, such as a distant relative or ex-spouse. And your family could also lose out, often to the taxman.


Alternatively, if you already have a will then make sure it is up to date. Are there grandchildren which now need including? Also make sure it is as tax efficient as possible – perhaps consider gifts, placement of investments into trusts or gifts out of normal expenditure.


At Mann & Co we will draft your will and if necessary help you organise your wealth in the most tax efficient way



Mann & Co Solicitors are members of Will Aid. Will Aid is a charity Will making scheme which raises funds for people in need here and around the world. To find out more visit www.willaid.org.uk




We know that losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult time for you and your family. However, we are at hand to assist you in dealing with the affairs of the deceased.  Dealing with an Estate can be complex and you might require professional help on several aspects.


We at Mann & Co. Solicitors aim to take the pressure off you by taking you through a step by step process and we will handle all matters with the sensitivity and the confidentiality it deserves.

Probate Fees


We can help you through this difficult process by obtaining the Grant of Probate on your behalf. We will also undertake the collecting and distributing of assets.


How much does this service cost?
TOTAL:  £1,129 inclusive of VAT
This includes: obtaining the grant.


Breakdown of costs:
Legal fees £800
VAT on legal fees £160



  • Probate court fee of £157
  • Court Fee for checking the Oath: £12
  • £5 Swearing of the oath (per executor)
  • Bankruptcy-only Land Charges Department searches (£2 per beneficiary)


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.


As part of our fixed fee we will:

  • Provide you with a dedicated and experienced probate solicitor to work on your matter
  • Identify the legally appointed executors or administrators and beneficiaries
  • Accurately identify the type of Probate application you will require
  • Obtain the relevant documents required to make the application
  • Complete the Probate Application and the relevant HMRC forms
  • Draft a legal oath for you to swear
  • Make the application to the Probate Court on your behalf
  • Obtain the Probate and securely send two copies to you


Typically, obtaining the grant of probate takes 6-8 weeks.


See our team of solicitors and their qualifications.

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