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Ranbir (Raz) Mann, Senior Partner is Head of Fraud and Complex and Serious Crime. He is a specialist Criminal Defence Solicitor exclusively dealing with the most complex and serious offences. His outstanding reputation and ability has led to him being sought out by clients nationally.


He regularly deals with prosecutions bought numerous agencies including SFO, HMRC, DTI, SECCU and NCA.
His caseload consists of multi handed complex cases before Plymouth, Southampton, Lincoln, Peterborough, Bristol, Derby, Leicester, Kingston, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield, Inner London, Stafford, Guildford, Blackfriars, Birmingham and Wolverhampton Crown Courts.


Amongst others, he presently represents individuals under investigation for Cyber Fraud,£200 million Vat Fraud, Conspiracy To Murder, Construction Fraud, International People Smuggling from ‘the Jungle’ in Calais, Multi Million Pound Credit Fraud, Conspiracy To Supply Class A Drugs, and Mortgage Fraud involving a Firm of Solicitors.
To instruct Raz or to seek his opinion on any matter which you may concern you please email him in confidence at rm@mannandco.net


Pre Charge Representation

It is of vital importance that top quality legal advice is sought whilst under investigation. Challenging searches and arrests, contesting restraint orders and robustly conducting your defence is Raz’s expertise.
The right representation can give you the best chances of favouring an outcome or avoiding being charged at all.


Restraint and Freezing Orders

Proceeds of Crime Act 2000

These orders are imposed even before you are charged with any offence.
The orders will have been obtained ex parte which means without the Defence being present. These are draconian orders that the investigating authorities can impose on your assets, which effectively freezes them and stops you from operating bank accounts and your business. Furthermore the authorities will limit your monthly spend. The day-to-day impact these orders have on individuals and families are devastating.


Next Steps

It is vital that immediate steps are taken on the Order and supporting evidence as often the Judge has been presented with facts that may not be entirely accurate.
Challenging these facts will ensure that the Judge has applied the correct test in law when looking at this order.



FACT lawyers understand the importance of acting immediately for individuals where their banking has been halted and they cannot meet their daily expenses and are in a desperate and frightening position.
Once instructed we will offer an immediate appointment and in the first 48 hours ensure that we analyse the order, take detailed instructions and have made contact with the Prosecution and Court. They will take practical steps to get you back on your feet and proactively advance your case.


Our dedicated team of lawyers will provide you with 24hour phone and email contact as well as evening and weekend appointments to advise and support you through what we know is an extremely worrying and frightening experience.
Contact FACT lawyers on fact@mannandco.net

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Having worked with Mann & Co Solicitors on a recent case, I can fully recommend them as highly professional and competent solicitors.

Ellen G. White