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Case Examples

We have many year’s experience in dealing with cases, below are some examples.


November 2016 – R v NP and 8 others (Operation Biscuit) – Our client was charged with 7 others in a case involving allegations of Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs and Money laundering centering around a London based Organised Crime Group (OCG) which was dealing large quantities of Class A drugs onto the streets of Plymouth, Devon.

Client was acquitted.


This matter was led by Ranbir Mann assisted by Kirandeep Soor.


November 2016DS – Birmingham Crown Court – the defendant was charged with the murder of his 2 week old son. The prosecution case was that the child was a victim of shaken baby syndrome and involved the prosecution relying on 13 medical expert witnesses.


This matter was led by Paul Selby assisted by Ian Larkin.


October 2016 – GP – R v. RM & 15 others (Operation Dynamo) Stafford Crown Court – Our client was charged with conspiracy to supply multi million pound quantities of Class A and B drugs by a West Midlands, Swindon and Derby based Organised Crime Group.


This matter was led by Ranbir Mann assisted by Kirandeep Soor.



September 2016 – AM – R v. AM & 14 others (Operation Beta) Birmingham Crown Court – Our clients were charged with Conspiracy to Supply multi million pound quantities of Class A and B drugs by a crime group of Albanian origin. We represented the Lead Defendant.


This matter was led by Ranbir Mann assisted by Kirandeep Soor.



January 2016 – AW – R v. AW & 12 others (Operation Perhaps) Birmingham Crown Court – Our client was charged with a multi-million pound mortgage fraud concerning the acquisition of in excess of 75 properties by the principal defendant who was said to be a spiritual leader.


This matter was led by Ranbir Mann assisted by Kirandeep Soor.


January 2016 – AB – R v. AB & 11 others (Operation Eastvale) Birmingham Crown Court – Our client along with a number others were charged with a multimillion-pound conspiracy concerning an advanced fee timeshare fraud involving 38 victims. This involved defrauding elderly people with time share properties abroad. The police investigation involved lengthy investigations in jurisdictions abroad where the client had also visited. Both our client and his brother were said to be controlling minds of the fraud.


This matter was led by Ranbir Mann assisted by Kirandeep Soor.


2016 – MC and 15 others – Birmingham Crown Court – operation starving – Our client was one of 2 leading defendants in this case charged with credit card fraud, merchant and mandate fraud and money laundering. This case involved a range of prolific and sophisticated fraudulent and money laundering activity involving the use of stolen or compromised credit cards, compromised bank accounts, the creation of false identities and companies and the control and/or creation of legitimate bank accounts in order to facility the dishonest activity. This activity took place over a 3 and year period.


This matter was led by Ranbir Mann assisted by Kirandeep Soor.


2016 – AA – Teeside Crown Crown – Our client was alleged to be involved in a large scale operation to move drugs from mersyside to the North East for onward sale. Our client was charged with along with 12 others in this complex and paper heavy conspiracy with exceeding 100,000.


This matter was led by Ranbir Mann assisted by Kirandeep Soor.


2016 MH – Wolverhampton Crown Court – Our client was charged with attempting to insight a child to engage in sexual activity colloquially known as grooming. However, the ‘girl’ in question was a man belonging to a group or a vigilante group called ‘Letz Go Hunting’ a group posing as underage children on media sites and chat rooms in order to catch alleged paedophiles and subsequently passing their evidence onto the police who then take over the precaution. After a successful defence in this papers heavy case the case against our client was dismissed.


This matter was led by Paul Selby assisted by Ian Larkin.


2016 – JS – Stafford Crown Court – this was a multi handed manslaughter case where our client was the lead defendant. Our client had committed an assault upon the deceased and then moved the deceased’s body from an address and dumped him close to Stafford Hospital where he was discovered by passing motorists. This was a very serious and complex case with multiple strands of evidence.


Led by Paul Selby, assisted by Kirandeep Soor.   


CMSouthampton Crown Court – Our client along with 6 others charged with supplying class A drugs in the Southampton area from London. This is called the County Line. This is sophisticated and complex case.


PHLeicester Crown Court – Client charged with 3 others with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.


SBDerby Crown Court – Operation Candara – Our client along with 15 others is charged with conspiracy to defraud insurance companies in this complex case by staging road traffic collisions. This is a multi-million pound fraud.


FBLeicester Crown Court – Operation Harpseal – is an investigation into a group of individuals who are suspected of committing VAT fraud with a value of 2.5 million pounds. Our client is charged with money laundering along with 15 others.


CLInner London Crown Court – our client is charged with conspiracy to defraud the entertainment industry by copywriting music games software. Through use of FTP servers containing copy writed films, music and games software it is alleged have offered access to this material to use as for a fee without permission and in breach of copyright. This is a multi-million pound fraud case.


DRBirmingham Crown Court – Birmingham Crown Court – our client along with ten others have been charged with “conspiracy to cheat” the revenue of  £135 million pounds. This involves the setting up of a tax scheme which gave investors the opportunity to buy content from American motion picture firm Seven Arts Entertainment. If the films were successful at the box office, investors would double their money. If the film tanked however, investors could write off the cost against their other income and claim tax relief.


AGLiverpool Crown Court – Our client with 6 others has been charged with conspiracy to defraud in connection to an investigation conducted by the City of London Police insurance fraud enforcement department. This involves defrauding solicitors firms of fees in excess of a million pounds.


SHPlymouth Crown Court – Our client along with 7 others charged. Our client was extradited from Italy on a conspiracy to supply drugs. Our client was said to be the leading figure in this conspiracy.


MASouthwark Crown Court – Our client is to appear before the Magistrate court on 2nd March 2017 for multimillion credit card fraud and for defrauding Lloyds bank with 9 others. This complex multi fraud matter is destined for the Old Bailey


GS – Leicester Crown Court – our client was originally one of 55 people arrested for storming a sikh temple armed with weapons during a marriage between a Sikh and non-sikh. Our is now prosecuted for religiously aggravated offences. This is a high profile case with national coverage.


EN– This is an international cyber fishing fraud matter. We are representing 4 Nigerians who are said to have been involved in internet fraud with links to sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria.


RK – Construction Fraud – Operation Sigh – This is an investigation into Conspiracy to Defraud and Money laundering. This involves illegal workers sourced, recruited and employed by individuals in the construction trade. Fraud over 2million pounds. We represent 3 out of 7 defendants in this matter.


HA– Our client has been arrested for conspiracy to facilitate the illegal entry of non EU nationals in to the UK and Money Laundering. This operation is an investigation into conspiracy to facilitate the illegal entry of Non-EU Nationals into the UK and is a joint investigation with other European Countries. In March 2016 the UK signed a Joint Investigation agreement at Eurojust, Haque with French officials.  Non-EU Nationals who are staying in migrant camps in Northern France were being facilitated to the UK by Organised Criminal Gangs residing in France and Birmingham, UK and our client has been identified as a member of this Criminal Network supplying logistics and money to the French migrant camps.


HM– This is a VAT fraud involving 200 million pounds. We represent 3 out of 18 under investigation. Prosecution will be summonsing them to court.


TS – Our client is a mortgage broker who is under investigation for a multimillion mortgage fraud involving a firm of solicitors. Investigation involves numerous suspects and has been underway for 3 years.


JC – we represent 2 out of 15 defendants under investigation for modern day slavery involving polish nationals.


MR and 3 others – this is a complex VAT fraud involving restaurant owners who have alleged to defrauded HMRC in excess of 1 million pounds. Lengthy investigation over 2.5 year period with charges likely to culminate in March 2017.


SN and 1 other out of 6 defendants – Wolverhampton Crown Court – Our client is a professional drug dealer with a very large customer base. This case involves the use of a very highly sophisticated anti surveillance kit as opposed to kits by our client who is the lead defendant in this matter. The original investigation related to kilos of class A drugs, 2000 individual drug wraps ready to be dispatched, live ammunition and firearms.


OH– Appeal – currently serving 22 years for murder which involved an ‘honour killing’. Currently advising client in relation to change in law on joint enterprise: R-v-Jogee 2016






Previous Cases:


LAWarwick Crown courtFebruary 2017 – Operation Southall – 1 of 21 defendants charged with conspiracy to supply significant quantities of class A drugs into Warwickshire.


CBWolverhampton Crown Court – December 2016 – Operation Canopy – our client was one of 6 charged with conspiracy to steal numerous high value motor vehicles across the midlands using sophisticated car key programming.


Wolverhampton Crown Court – February 2016 – We successfully defended the former chairman of Sandwell Speedway Club, facing historic sexual allegations made by a member of the club. The Defence was complete denial and necessitated the cross examination of purported eye witness accounts of inappropriate behaviour years earlier. Our client was acquitted.


IS – Wolverhampton Crown Court – November 2015 – Death by Dangerous Driving – we represented one of two Defendant’s accused of Death by Dangerous Driving and Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous driving when two young women were mown down at a bus stop on the Hagley Road, Birmingham in May 2015. Accused of racing with his Co Accused, along the Wolverhampton and Hagley Road and reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph. Our client admitted racing and driving dangerously earlier on the Wolverhampton Road but maintained he had withdrawn from the race prior to the fatal collision. The case involved the Expert Cross Examination of multiple eye witness accounts, and the analysis and interpretation of CCTV evidence. We worked closely with the defence road traffic expert and relied upon the presentation and use of stills, DVD footage and animation to rebut the Prosecution’s case that the position and proximity of our client’s vehicle meant he was still involved in the race. Upon successful defence our client was acquitted.


RD– Manchester Crown Court 2015 – Operation Penhurst – Our client was indicted with 11 others in this highly sophisticated and high value operation. This was a commercial operation to import class A drugs in to the country and then distribute to others via a central based hub in the Midlands. Our client was the only one to be acquitted with co-defendants all receiving sentences in excess of 20 years.


JM/SB – Wood Green Crown Court/Swindon Crown Court – July and October 2014 – Multi handed Conspiracy To Supply Class A Drugs – We defended a female client along with her boyfriend who faced trial on two separate Class A Conspiracies. Accused of assisting her boyfriend in the delivery and payment for class A drugs to and from London the Prosecution accepted defence submissions that there was insufficient evidence to justify pursuing the case against her. Weeks later the same female Defendant faced trial for conspiracy to supply drugs in Swindon. Implicated in drug runs between Swindon and Reading, it was the defence case that she had been unwittingly used by others to provide them with lifts in her car and she had no knowledge of any drug supplies. Our client was acquitted.


TWJuly 2014 – R v. WW & 7 others (Operation Jindo) Birmingham Crown Court – Our client who was charged with a large scale conspiracy to steal high value Audi motor vehicles and sell the component parts.


MP – Stafford Crown Court – June 2014 – Misconduct in Public Office
Our client was accused of conspiracy to commit Misconduct in a Public Office.
He was accused with two accused, including a serving special police constable of downloading personal information about members of the general public from the police national computer and passing this information to known individuals. Case involved detailed cross examination on dense phone evidence, schedules and timelines. Notwithstanding that all of the accused were convicted after trial and the serious nature of the allegation, the judge was persuaded to impose a suspended sentence.


CT – Wolverhampton Crown Court – March 2014 – Health And Safety Trial In this high profile case Health and Safety Jury Trial which involved the sad death of a young mother following the installation of faulty electrical wiring we defended the electrician’s mate and demonstrated through skilful cross examination and investigation into the working records that the accused was either not responsible for and / or did  not carry  out the tests required to confirm the safety or otherwise of the electrical wiring. The defendant was acquitted.


SH Leeds Crown Courtour client was charged with 15 others for a complex and sophisticated conspiracy to traffic people into the UK for exploitation and assisting unlawful immigration. Client had been part of an operation which lured Pakistani clothing workers into Britain with the promise of well-paid jobs. Instead they were exploited. Our client was acquitted.


VJ R v. GD and 10 others (Operation Adolescent) Birmingham Crown Court – Our client was charged with a conspiracy to facilitate Asian persons in the UK travelling illegally to Canada from Birmingham International Airport with a view to entering Canada when they would not otherwise have been able to.


NS– Isleworth Crown Court – the case against our client was that he conspired with 7 fellow members of the Sikh religion to commit violent disorder. This involved an attack upon a Hidhu temple in London. The Crown relied upon cell site and mobile phone contact to prove a criminal agreement. Our client was said to be the lead defendant. Our client was acquitted.


LH – Sheffield Crown Court – electronic evidence – our client along with 12 others was charged with conspiracy to defraud. Prosecution alleged that the defendants were involved in staging sham road traffic accidents with a view to making fraudulent claims against insurance companies. Our client was acquitted.

In addition, Mr Ranbir Mann appealed the Legal Aid Agency’s decision not to pay by taking this matter to the Cost Judge in terms of payment for proper remuneration for telephone evidence and was successful.


AE – Birmingham Crown Court – Operation Bunting – this was a multi handed conspiracy to commit armed robberies on commercial outlets. Client was the lead defendant along with 7 others in this case. It was a complex case based on circumstantial evidence including cell site and mobile phone contact.


MM – Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square) – Our client was the company secretary and was said to have been directly involved in VAT carousel involving vat fraudulent evasion in excess of 7 million pounds relating to sales in excess of 60 million pounds. This matter was also investigated internationally in Dubai and Pakistan. Client pleaded guilty on a limited basis and received a uniquely received a suspended sentence.


SS – Stafford Crown Court – Double Murder – our client was an illegal immigrant who travelled over from India and worked illegally in a chip shop and ended up killing 2 of his housemates. He was being prosecuted for the murder. After a lengthy trial client was acquitted of murder therefore avoiding a sentence in the region of 30 years sentence and ended up receiving a mere sentence of 5.5 years after convicted of manslaughter. This case had an international element as there were witnesses involved who were based in India and therefore it was necessary to travel to India to gather relevant material evidence.


SK Wolverhampton Crown Court – Our client one of 13 was charged with conspiracy to participate in a sham marriage. This was a multi handed case involving sham marriages between EU nationals and foreign nationals.


RBWolverhampton Crown Court – defendant successfully defended of murder and attempted murder where it was alleged he belonged to a gang who had arranged a meeting over snapchat that lead to the death of a rap artist.


TWBirmingham Crown Court – Operation Lynx – client charged with large scale violent disorder in Birmingham City Centre during an English defence league demonstration. Our client was 1 of 52 defendants.

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