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Mann & Co defend to clients facing road traffic prosecutions and representation in the defence of proceedings before the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court, throughout England and Wales.  We can provide representation either through the Legal Aid Scheme or on a private fee paying basis.


We understand that the loss of a driving license can have a devastating affect upon an individual and a knock on effect on their personal life, as to their employment, or as to the affect upon their business or the business in which they work.  Facing disqualification can cause an individual a lot of stress and can be a daunting prospect.  Therefore it is vital to consider whether a road traffic prosecution has been correctly brought before the Courts and to assess all relevant lines of defence.


It is also important and relevant to recognise that many road traffic offences are viewed as serious and can result in a sentence of imprisonment being imposed upon conviction. We defend on the full range of offences from speeding to death by dangerous driving.


Recent Case – Client acquitted of death by dangerous driving:

IS – Wolverhampton Crown Court – November 2015 – Death by Dangerous Driving – we represented one of two Defendant’s accused of Death by Dangerous Driving and Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous driving when two young women were mown down at a bus stop on the Hagley Road, Birmingham in May 2015. Accused of racing with his Co Accused, along the Wolverhampton and Hagley Road and reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph. Our client admitted racing and driving dangerously earlier on the Wolverhampton Road but maintained he had withdrawn from the race prior to the fatal collision. The case involved the Expert Cross Examination of multiple eye witness accounts, and the analysis and interpretation of CCTV evidence. We worked closely with the defence road traffic expert and relied upon the presentation and use of stills, DVD footage and animation to rebut the Prosecution’s case that the position and proximity of our client’s vehicle meant he was still involved in the race. Upon successful defence our client was acquitted.

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Having worked with Mann & Co Solicitors on a recent case, I can fully recommend them as highly professional and competent solicitors.

Ellen G. White