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Motoring Offences

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Motoring Offences Solicitors

Mann & Co defend to clients facing road traffic prosecutions and representation in the defence of proceedings before the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court, throughout England and Wales.  We can provide representation either through the Legal Aid Scheme or on a private fee paying basis.

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We understand that the loss of a driving license can have a devastating affect upon an individual and a knock on effect on their personal life, as to their employment, or as to the affect upon their business or the business in which they work.  Facing disqualification can cause an individual a lot of stress and can be a daunting prospect.  Therefore it is vital to consider whether a road traffic prosecution has been correctly brought before the Courts and to assess all relevant lines of defence.

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It is also important and relevant to recognise that many road traffic offences are viewed as serious and can result in a sentence of imprisonment being imposed upon conviction. We defend on the full range of offences from speeding to death by dangerous driving.
Recent Case Study – Client acquitted of death by dangerous driving

IS – Wolverhampton Crown Court – November 2015 – Death by Dangerous Driving – we represented one of two Defendant’s accused of Death by Dangerous Driving and Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous driving when two young women were mown down at a bus stop on the Hagley Road, Birmingham in May 2015. Accused of racing with his Co Accused, along the Wolverhampton and Hagley Road and reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph. Our client admitted racing and driving dangerously earlier on the Wolverhampton Road but maintained he had withdrawn from the race prior to the fatal collision. The case involved the Expert Cross Examination of multiple eye witness accounts, and the analysis and interpretation of CCTV evidence. We worked closely with the defence road traffic expert and relied upon the presentation and use of stills, DVD footage and animation to rebut the Prosecution’s case that the position and proximity of our client’s vehicle meant he was still involved in the race. Upon successful defence our client was acquitted.

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“Raz Mann is the sort of solicitor that I, as a Barrister who specialises in heavyweight crime want on my team. He is nationally acknowledged as one of the top criminal solicitors, his extensive following is a testament to that assertion. He brings a sound tactical awareness of how to advance his clients case from the police station onwards and throughout the trial process. He is particularly astute in recognising and addressing at an early stage the most advantageous way to bring about the required result in his cases. In short he delivers. That’s why he is the go to Mann!"

Baz Bhatia QC

“I am a criminal barrister with over 20 years experience. My instructions consist exclusively of serious fraud, money laundering and other complex criminal conspiracies. I only work with a handful of solicitors, those that are themselves experienced in the defence of such serious and complex cases. One such solicitor is Raz Mann, he and I have worked closely on a number of grave criminal matters over a period of years. In my view, his preparation is meticulous and his advice first rate. My job is made that much easier given the superb way in which the case has already been conducted prior to my instruction. Raz has a rare intellect coupled with fine judgement and an insatiable appetite for work. It is obvious to all who observe him that he displays a steely determination to get the job done! In short, if someone is unlucky enough to be charged with a crime they should seek to tip the scales in their favour by instructing Raz from the outset.

Imran Shafi QC

Raz Mann excels when dealing with the most complex and serious cases. He is sought out nationally by clients as a consequence of his ability to fight for the client and going the extra mile in his cases. His tactical awareness and tenacity make him an excellent litigator.

Claire Davies - Barrister

I have worked with Raz Mann on a number of large, complicated fraud and drug cases at the top level of criminality. Raz has a rare mix of talent. He is able to both fight for the client with tenacity and maintain the respect of the Court and opponents alike. He has tactical awareness and is able to steer a case to the clients advantage. As a result he is sought out by clients across the UK.

Martin McCarthy - Barrister

Mann & Co are one of the leading solicitors’ firms operating in Birmingham and nationwide. A high polished operation where one can expect meticulously prepared briefs and a consistent attention to detail. Led by Ranbir Mann, the criminal team are at the forefront of modern legal developments whilst at the same time maintaining the qualities and conscientiousness of the good old-fashioned solicitor where the client and the case always comes first. Clients inevitably feel confident and reassured in their hands, as they should be. Invariably both tenacious and relentless in pursuit of the best case scenario for each defendant they represent. At every level of criminal cases, including the most serious allegations of financial fraud and complex criminal conspiracies, this a go to firm for those looking for the highest standards of service.

Graham Arnold - Leading Counsel

I have been at the bar for over 20 years and have worked with a plethora of different solicitors over the years and instructed in the most grave and complex case including murder, rape, large scale fraud, gang crime, all aspects of organised crime. I can say with hand on heart that working with Ranbir Mann and his team at Mann & Co. has always been a delight. Mr Mann has always been impeccable in the way he runs and leads his firm, Mann & Co. He is extremely thorough, knows his client's case down to the last detail and always fights with tooth and nail to the end. Mr Mann would always be my first choice of solicitors to work with. In all I would say that Mann & Co excels in all aspects of undertaking criminal work which include: - Client care; clients are always given as much time as is needed to prepare their case for trial; - Detailed Preparation; Mr Mann and his team are assiduous in the way they prepare their cases; - Mr Mann is diligent and hard-working in terms of case preparation including having successive conferences with the client and his or her barrister, requesting for and obtaining important evidence/disclosure form the police; - Mr Mann is painstakingly meticulous in the way he analyses the prosecution evidence and way in which he works closely with the barrister; - Mr Mann is laborious in the way he carries on his practice. - I would thoroughly recommend this firm of solicitors for criminal cases.

John Joseph Lucas - Barrister