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How to Find the Right Solicitor

Hiring a solicitor can provide you with comprehensive legal advice that can help you with your case. But with The Solicitors Governing Body - the SRA - stating that there are 140,000 practising solicitors in England and Wales, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with which solicitor to choose.  Here are our tips on how to choose the right solicitor for you and your case.    Choosing the Right Solicitor   1. Accredited Solicitors  The Law Society is the professional body for solicitors in England and Wales, and their website allows you to find many solicitors. Since all solicitors have to be registered with the Law Society...

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What is ‘No Fault’ Divorce?

Solicitor stamping document with man and lady sat opposite

Many professionals think that the divorce law is currently out of date, and The Law Society are taking this into consideration by plans to reform the divorce process, and remove the concept of fault.  Read below for more information on ‘No-Fault’ Divorce.  Current Divorce Procedures  Currently, the divorce system in England and Wales requires one spouse to initiate the process of filing for divorce, which requires them to make an accusation about the other spouses conduct.  You can currently choose from three reasons:  Adultery  Unreasonable Behaviour  Dissertation  It also requires evidence of guilt to be presented, and if the individual is unable to do this,...

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New Prison Contraband Scanners

Prison barbed wire

The government has announced further funding to strengthen security measures for several prisons in the UK to reduce the availability of drugs and mobile phones - therefore providing a safer environment for inmates. New, advanced technology body scanners will be introduced into 16 prisons across the country, which will help prevent drugs, weapons and mobile phones from entering prisons.  What Do the Prison Body Scanners Do?   £28 million worth of x-ray scanners, specifically developed for the Prison Service, produce instant images inside the human body and reveal internally concealed contraband - helping prisons to prevent contraband from entering prisons.  It is part of the...

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New CGT Tax Change for Buy-to-Let Landlords

Hands on calculator and holding pen with documents in background

Changes to the capital gains tax payment rules could mean they people selling buy-to-let properties could face financial penalties - that they may not be aware of. CGT Tax Changes From 6th April 2020, individuals that sell a residential property that have a capital gain where CGT is payable, will be required to make a digital return to HMRC and to pay and estimate of the CGT within 30 days from the sale completing.  This means that people can no longer keep money in their hands for up to 22 months after selling the property.  What Are the Disadvantages?  April is not far away, and...

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