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Managing Co-Parenting During COVID-19

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Managing Co-Parenting During COVID-19

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With Schools closed throughout the country, and social distancing being enforced, a common question is how to best manage co-parenting during the Coronavirus outbreak and current lockdown. Read below for our tips and information.

Co-Parenting Rules 

Where child arrangements are already in place – regulating where children live and who they spend time with – these orders remain in effect, as do the consequences for breaching them. 

The court’s primary concern with regards to living conditions is the welfare for the child, and this should be taken into consideration when it comes to arrangements. 

A combined approach between both parents is needed, to ensure that children are kept safe at all times. It is recommended that children’s routines for when they stay at each parents house should be maintained where possible. 

Handover of Children 

The Government has confirmed that parents are still permitted during this lockdown period to travel between each other’s houses, in order for children to spend time with both parents. 

Parents need to communicate the practical arrangements at this time. If handovers are usually taken at School, think about a temporary measure that facilitates both parents working patterns. 

If Unable to Travel

If you are unable to travel between houses, it is recommended that you stay in touch as much as possible. Video calls are a great way to do this, from Facetime to Zoom or Skype. This is particularly important for young children that may struggle with telephone calls. 

Keeping Routine 

As Schools are shut, it is important to maintain a routine for children. Confirm with the other parent the expectations, such as how long children are allowed on screens, how long they should learn for and when they should do exercise. 


It’s important to remember that communication is the most important thing to ensure that everybody is happy. You can also find useful information from the Children and Families Court Advisory Service