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Traffic Accidents – Should I Use a Defendant Insurer or a Solicitor?

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Traffic Accidents – Should I Use a Defendant Insurer or a Solicitor?

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If you have a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be confused as to whether you need a solicitor, as the defendant insurer may offer you their services. However, although this may seem easy and helpful at first, they sometimes may not act upon your best interest – meaning that you do not get the outcome that you should.

Should I use a Defendant Insurer? 

It is not advised to use a defendant insurer, as they are not independent and there will be a conflict of interest when dealing with your claim. The less money that they pay to you, the more they will save. 

Risks of Insurers doing the job of a Solicitor 

One risk of using an insurer rather than a solicitor is that they may ask you to sign a ‘pre-medical offer’, which means they will offer compensation without first obtaining a medical report, which you will not be able to go back on in the future should your symptoms develop. 

Another risk is that insurers may fail to inform you of the losses that you may be able to recover, and they may also fail to inform you of all losses that you are able to recover and compensation that you are entitled to. 

Why use a Solicitor? 

It is important that you make an informed decision backed up by legal advice. 

The Citizens Advice Bureau advises that you do not have to use a solicitor that the insurer offers you, and that you have freedom of choice. Your own car insurance company may also offer to appoint a solicitor for you, however again this will be based on their own commercial agreements. For this reason, it is always best to seek independent legal advice. 


As expert solicitors, we are also able to negotiate better settlements for clients, as insurers often make low offers. 
If you have been injured or involved in a car accident and want specialist expert advice, contact our friendly team now.