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Drug Driving – What You Need To Know 

Bottle pouring out various drugs and tablets onto table

It is illegal to drive with controlled drugs above a specified level in your blood. This includes both illegal and medical drugs. The limits set for each drug are different, and for illegal drugs they are set extremely low. The offence is determined by how badly affected your driving is.  Causing death by driving under the influence of drugs may result in a maximum 14 year jail sentence.  How is Drug Driving Tested?  The police can stop you and make you do a ‘field impairment assessment’ if they think you have taken drugs. This is a series of tests, such as asking you...

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Smart Motorways – Are They Safe? 

Motorway at sunset with large tall lights

As the use of technology rises, motorways in the UK are being transformed into ‘smart motorways’. This is where hard shoulders are being converted to live lanes, allowing a larger number of cars to travel on the motorway to try and decrease congestion. Where Are Smart Motorways Being Made?  There are currently over 350 miles of motorways planned to be changed into all-lane running routes.  How Do Smart Motorways Work? The idea of Smart Motorways is to transform the current hard shoulder on the motorway to an active lane - allowing more vehicles to keep moving. These motorways will then have an ‘emergency refuge...

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Traffic Accidents – Should I Use a Defendant Insurer or a Solicitor?

Man on phone next to damaged car

If you have a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be confused as to whether you need a solicitor, as the defendant insurer may offer you their services. However, although this may seem easy and helpful at first, they sometimes may not act upon your best interest - meaning that you do not get the outcome that you should. Should I use a Defendant Insurer?  It is not advised to use a defendant insurer, as they are not independent and there will be a conflict of interest when dealing with your claim. The less money that they pay to you,...

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Driving Without Insurance – The Consequences

Man writing on clipboard next to damaged car

Driving Without Insurance - The Consequences Driving without insurance is illegal, but what are the rules and consequences?  What Insurance Should I Have?  By law, the minimum level of insurance that you must have is third party liability cover. You can also add fire and theft insurance, as well as fully comprehensive cover.  Even if you have full insurance, but let someone else who doesn't drive your car, you are liable for this.  What Are the Consequences of Driving Without Insurance?  If stopped, you have 7 days to provide police with up to date insurance certificate. Has to be valid time you were stopped.  Penalties can be...

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Drink Driving Charges – Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Person drinking whilst driving

Drink driving is a punishable offence, and can land you with hefty fines or your license being taken away from you. We get lots of questions asked about drink driving, so here are our frequently asked questions answered… What is the legal alcohol limit for drivers? The breath test is 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath, and 80mg per 100ml of blood if you are having a blood test. The urine test limit is 107mg per 100ml of urine. What are the consequences of drink driving? It can range from 3-6 months imprisonment, an unlimited fine, a 1 year...

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The New Driving Laws Coming into Force in 2019

long highway road for driving with no cars

  There are various new Driving Laws coming into force this year, which you should be aware of. These could impact your driving experience, and how you deal with other drivers on the roads. Familiarising yourself with these new laws in advance will ensure that you don’t get caught out. New 2019 Driving Laws: Learner Drivers on Motorways This year, learner drivers will be given the option to drive on the motorway as part of their lessons, when accompanied by an instructor who will have dual controls in the car. Overtaking Cyclists As of March 2019, you will be fined £100...

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