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What is Probate

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What is Probate

Probate is the legal process used to transfer assets out of the name of a person who has passed away (the decedent), distributed according to the decedent’s last will and testament. This includes all of their money, assets and possessions. 

It can also involve wrapping up business obligations and/or debts. A will can only dispose of assets registered in the sole name of the decedent, meaning the estate must go through probate to get the assets out of his name to somebody else. 

How Does Probate Work? 

This will depend on whether you choose to do it yourself or appoint a professional to act on your behalf. Appointing somebody else may be good if you are dealing with a complex estate. 

What are Examples of Probate Property? 

Some examples of probate property include: cars and property owned solely by the descendant, property held as ‘tenants in common’, and life insurance payable to the estate. 

What Happens is Somebody Doesn’t Have a Will? 

If there is no will, then the assets will be distributed through the court-supervised probate process. This allows individuals to challenge the will. 

If you need help with probate, we can take you through a step by step process and will handle all matters with the sensitivity and confidentiality it deserves. Contact us now to find out more.