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Ways to Protect Your Business from Fraud

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Assessing risks that could threaten your business is a vital part of running your company, however many people overlook online fraud as a threat.  However, cybercriminals look for vulnerable victims everywhere - in both small and large sized businesses.  Below, we look at 5 actionable ways that your business can remain strong against online fraud.  How Do I Protect My Business From Online Fraud?  1. Conduct a Security Audit  One of the main ways that businesses struggle with online fraud is not knowing where to start, which is why a Security Audit is so helpful. This enables security experts to determine where the weak points...

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4 Factors That Could Hold Up Your Mortgage Application

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As the new year approaches, people think about their New Year's Resolutions and starting a fresh, which can often include moving house or buying your first home. However, as there are many factors to take into consideration when applying for a new home, there are often some things that get overlooked. These are factors that could slow down your application, which may lead to you not being able to purchase your dream home, or making the process a real headache.  Below are 4 factors that could hold up your mortgage application  1. Bad Credit Score  When applying for a mortgage and buying a home,...

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Tips For Staying Safe Online at Christmas

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  As Christmas approaches, many of us will be making transactions online to buy Christmas gifts for our loved ones, or organising social events and entertainment. However, with so much going on, it is sometimes easy to forget checking online websites are authentic, and preventing scammers. Christmas is one of the busiest times for cyber criminals, who exploit the fact that people are busy and distracted, and take advantage of online activity.  Below, we have listed some top tips on staying safe online throughout this festive period.  Top Tips for Staying Safe Online  Protect Your Device  Before you start using your device for internet activities, make...

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Smart Motorways – Are They Safe? 

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As the use of technology rises, motorways in the UK are being transformed into ‘smart motorways’. This is where hard shoulders are being converted to live lanes, allowing a larger number of cars to travel on the motorway to try and decrease congestion. Where Are Smart Motorways Being Made?  There are currently over 350 miles of motorways planned to be changed into all-lane running routes.  How Do Smart Motorways Work? The idea of Smart Motorways is to transform the current hard shoulder on the motorway to an active lane - allowing more vehicles to keep moving. These motorways will then have an ‘emergency refuge...

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A Guide to Legal Aid for Family Matters

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There are some common misconceptions about the availability of legal aid for family matters, meaning that those that need help to often not seek it out - as they think they are not eligible for it. Legal aid is money to pay a solicitor to represent you, paid by the Legal Aid Agency. Although this may not cover all fees, it can help to assist with advice, negotiations, mediation and even court representation.  Below, we explore the common questions around legal aid for family matters.  What Matters Can I Get Legal Aid For?  There are some common family matters for which legal aid is...

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What Is Retirement Fraud, and How Can I Prevent It? 

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Fraud is a rising problem in the UK, and pension scams can sometimes be hard to spot. Scammers can be personable and financially knowledgeable, and even have credible websites - making them harder to spot. How Do Pension Scams Work?  Scammers will contact people via phone, email or text, or may advertise online in small ads. They design attractive offers to entice users, usually with high interest rates or unachievable returns on investment. This money that is stolen may then be:  Invested in high-risk investments overseas  Invested in conventional products but with complex structures  Simply stolen and the scammer disappears  How Do I...

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Importance of A Will for A Business Owner

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Although many of us don’t like to think about it, leaving your business due to death is unavoidable. Therefore, having a solid will in place reduces the risk of losing everything that you have worked hard for. Having a will and plan in place means that you can be assured that your assets will be covered in a way that you wish, and also prevent them from being allocated in courts of law. What is a Business Will?  A will is an agreement that takes the form of a buy and sell option, ensuring a smooth transition of business ownership, in the...

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Traffic Accidents – Should I Use a Defendant Insurer or a Solicitor?

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If you have a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be confused as to whether you need a solicitor, as the defendant insurer may offer you their services. However, although this may seem easy and helpful at first, they sometimes may not act upon your best interest - meaning that you do not get the outcome that you should. Should I use a Defendant Insurer?  It is not advised to use a defendant insurer, as they are not independent and there will be a conflict of interest when dealing with your claim. The less money that they pay to you,...

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Health and Safety in the Workplace – Employers Responsibilities

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Employers have responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of their employees. In additional to these duties, there are regulations put in place to deal with particular hazards. Employers must effectively control any risks to health that could arise in the workplace. Here are the 4 main areas of responsibility that employers have for employees:  Employer Responsibilities at Work:  1. Adequate Welfare Provisions  Employers need to ensure all staff have access to the necessary facilities to take care of personal needs, including having breaks and staying hydrated. Examples of this are providing staff a place to rest and eat, stay hydrated and accessible toilet...

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What is Identity Theft and How Can I Protect Myself?

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With the rise of online shopping and bank accounts, the number of Identity Theft cases are increasing. Here’s all you need to know, and how to protect yourself. What is Identity Theft?  This is when an individual pretends to be you to access money, credit and other benefits. To acquire this information, they will steal and use your personal information, which may include bank account number.  Once identity thieves have your personal information, they can use it to make purchases, impersonate you to commit a crime and clear out your bank account - which can all do long term damage.  How can I Protect...

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